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Youth Pathway Programs

Frequently Asked Questions


Our vocational pathway program is open to students 15years to 18years.

It is a suite of programs designed to focus youth on their career, targeting students who need vocational skills to improve their employment pathway, as well as students who have already completed Year 10 or a Year 10 alternative pathway and now wish to continue.

The programs duration is designed to meet each student’s compulsory schooling requirements and vocational preferences;  tailored to individual circumstances.


Is this an approved Program for early School Leavers?


Part 5 of The Education Act outlines the requirements for students under the age of 17

- The minimum school leaving age is:

(a) the age at which the child completes Year 10 of secondary education or (b) the age of 17 years, whichever first occurs subject to point 3 below

3) A child who completes Year 10 of secondary education but who is below the age of 17 years is of compulsory school age unless the child participates on a full-time basis in:

  1. approved education or training, or

  2. if the child is of or above the age of 15 years—paid work or a combination of approved education or training and paid work.


Our programs are approved education and training in accordance with the law, they are a VET accredited course within the meaning of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 of the Commonwealth.


How long does the program go for?

This depends on a student’s age and whether they are able to obtain work during the period of enrolment. We aim to work with students to plan their career through a series of vocational programs that explore one or multiple streams of choice. For example 15 year old, their program will be 24 months to at least their 17th birthday as a minimum.  For 16 year old the program will be 12months.


How many days per week?

The program is offered 5 days per week, Monday to Friday. If students currently have a part time job, attendance can be negotiated. Attendance includes work experience or the integration of existing employment.


What vocational program choices we offer?

That is up to each individual student. Our expert teachers will work with students to create a pathway plan and combine opportunities for work placement.

The Year 10 Alternative pathway - students will graduate with Employability skills and knowledge at a minimum of AQF Level 2

The Post Year 10 Alternative pathway – students will graduate with Employability skills and knowledge at a minimum of AQF 2-3   

Most importantly, they design their own vocational pathway.


Each student will be provided with a range of short courses to gauge the level of assistance needed, enrolled in the Certificate I and or II Vocational Pathways program, then will continue to build their qualification level to complete a Certificate III as a base or be referred to TAFE to continue in their chosen field.


Will students be offered work experience?

All students who demonstrate a commitment to the program and meet learning objectives will be given the opportunity of work experience.

In addition, during participation in our programs students will be introduced to local employers, personal development and recruitment experts, as well as the range of higher TAFE and/ or University qualifications available.


How much will it cost?

All programs are fully subsidised although Smart and skilled fees may apply to full vocational qualifications at AQF level 2 or higher-level courses [AQF 3 – Certificate III], but this is subject to individual circumstances. *

*Concessions apply to eligible students.


Can I return to school after I achieve the certificate?

Yes, subject to your school’s entry criteria. We will work with students wanting to return to school, to provide additional assistance funded by the ACE CSO program. This will usually require additional literacy, numeracy, research skills.    


What happens when the program ends?

Students have the following choices;

  • Students under 17 may leave an approved Institution if they have employment

  • Students under 17 may leave the college and return to school or enrol in an additional course

  • Students over 17 may leave the college once the course has completed

Upcoming 2023 Pathways

For more information - Call Nick Blanch on 02 6583 7288

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