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Community & Specialist Programs

At Mid North Coast Community College, we deliver a range of inclusive, outreach programs to cater to the needs of the community.

Tech Savvy Seniors
Our Tech Savvy Seniors program helps you build the skills and confidence to use computers, tablets and smartphones.

Learning online skills will help you:

  • keep in touch with family and friends

  • access government, health and other essential services

  • discover more about the things you love.

It includes face-to-face training, how-to guides and training materials. 
To be eligible for this program you must be over 60 years of age or, if you identify and and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you must be over 50 years of age.

Delivered in partnership with Telstra and the NSW State government

We’re partnering with the NSW Government to give seniors  in New South Wales the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence needed to use technology. 

Through our partnerships we are able to deliver free or low-cost training in person to thousands of older Australians.

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As well as our industry preparation pathway programs, MakerSpace also offers a range of Creative courses and workshops in all kinds of Arts, crafts and Woodworking .

The MakerSpace facilities are available for hire and community access is available through a monthly membership.​

Our Spaces include:

Art Space

Recording Studio

Textiles & Technology

Community Shed


MakerSpace activities encourage involvement in social enterprise and the development of micro-business skills. 

These programs also offer opportunities for volunteering and all provide important opportunities for participants to reconnect with community.

LifeSkills Express

The LifeSkills Express program aims to deliver a high quality and eclectic range of
courses and opportunities for people living with a diversity of challenges.
LifeSkills Express aims to:
• build skills in a range of areas to enable participants to take significant steps towards
independence, further study and, potentially, volunteering and employment.
• build self-confidence through practical, creative and engaging activities that will
provide challenges as well as fun and enjoyment.
• provide enterprising opportunities leading to participants becoming more engaged in their community.

LifeSkills Express Logo.png

This person-centred program is designed to deliver learning and skills development in a holistic, experiential manner, focusing on strengths rather than limitations.

It provides a blend of life and independent living skills interspersed with the personal
tools needed to encourage self-reliance, enable the realisation of individual capacities and potential, and fulfil the needs and aspirations of each individual to achieve valued roles in the community.


Mid North Coast Community College is proud to have established the first regional School of Hard Knocks Absolutely Everybody Choir in our local region. The Port Macquarie-Hastings School of Hard Knocks provides opportunities for members of our community who have experienced homelessness, disadvantage or have been marginalised or excluded socially, to engage in the arts and develop their skills, confidence and capacity to take new steps to advance their lives.

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The Absolutely Everybody Choir is for anyone living with challenges including those with disabilities, homeless, mental ill-health, at risk or victims of domestic violence. Come along and sing along - this is for you!

See our Choir in action here


The ReCommunity Project

The ReCommunity Project aims to be a catalyst for reengagement and regeneration. We aim to restore a sense of community togetherness and individual wellbeing through creative activities and community events that reach across all ages and stages, all interests and abilities.

Registration for all events is provided free of charge thanks to

funding from NSW Government.

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