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WorkForce Assist

Jobseekers - Job Club
5 x 4hr sessions
15 Points per month
Industry - Education & Training
3 x 5.5hr sessions per week
20 Points per week

Activities may include:

JobSeeker - Building A Career

JobSeeker - Resume Writing
                    Ten Seconds to Impress

JobSeeker - Applying for Work
                     Cover Letters & Criteria

JobSeeker - Interview Skills

JobSeeker - Volunteering for Experience

JobSeeker - Learner Driving

Industry Skills may include:

UpSkill - Basic Computers

UpSkill - Forklift Preparation

UpSkill - Customer Service

UpSkill - Workplace

UpSkill - Office Allrounder

UpSkill - Cafe Skills

Personal Development
3 x 5.5hr sessions per week
20 Points per week

Activities may include:

Moving Forward with Confidence

Dealing with Difficult People

Creative Arts for Wellbeing

Basic Skills for Home Maintenance 

Basic Car Care Skills

Look Good - Feel Good

Got overdue fines? Work Development Orders (WDO) may also apply for eligible participants

Being a Jobseeker in a competitive market isn't easy. We can assist you to update or formalise your existing skills or develop new ones to get you through those interviews and into work while staying on top of the new Workforce Australia requirements.

Our WorkForce Assist short programs are available in a whole range of different topics and will be delivered with support for your learning.

Split into Jobseeker Skills (Job Club), Industry Skills (Education & Training) and Personal Development the WorkForce Assist programs are tailored to your individual needs, acknowledging where you are in your journey towards employment and aiming to help you meet or exceed your points targets, keeping track of your Workforce Australia obligations.

Upcoming Opportunities
WorkForce Assist - Get Ready for Work
Are you looking for work? 
In this program, you will learn some new skills in communication. Learn about how to get through your an interview, how to present yourself with confidence and what to expect.
We will mix it up and make sure you have plenty of hands on experiences with a session each day in the MakerSpace where you may learn skills using basic hand tools to make a small project or maybe grab some clay and make a pot! The creative possibilities are endless.

2 days per week x 6 weeks     Date to be Advised      10:00am - 2:30pm       Port Macquarie | Kempsey |Taree
Students completing the courses above will need a unique student identifier (USI)  
If preferred, for those wanting to explore career options, we have a range of programs that meet the fulltime study criteria as flexible, blended options as a Certificate II level through our Pathway Programs or at a Certificate III or IV level through our Full Qualifications.

Contact us for more information

Nervous about study? Don't be, we will support you.
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