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Our Race to Zero

The UN-backed Race to Zero campaign is recognised by scientists and experts as the largest credible alliance of non-state actors taking action on climate change. In all things, actions speak louder than words - and so even institutions with credible climate commitments must be transparent and clearly demonstrate their immediate steps in to reach zero emissions as quickly as possible.

Unlike most races, the race to zero emissions won’t have one winner. In this race we all win, or we all lose. 

Our priority is to radically reduce our emissions as quickly as possible, implement & advocate for sustainable practice. 

Mid North Coast Community College has joined the global network of Universities and Colleges in the race to zero.

With assistance from others including Trace,, we will measure our footprint and aim to improve in a sustainable manner.

There is no one size fits all and each business will have their limitations. We have a lot of work to do but we are not starting from scratch. Here at the college have already facilitated community Shed Talks on sustainability, introduced recycle/ upcycle, changed to earth friendly products, introduced composting, planned for adding solar panels, introduce changes within our curriculum and now have introduced EV capability in our transport fleet. 

We need to win this race to zero but we cant do it alone. MNCCC Staff will be provided with this training to equip them with skills and knowledge required to measure, support and find opportunities to improve the sustainability of work practices.

Funding is also available for other individuals, businesses and organisations who would like to provide this training to their staff.

Join us in our Race to Zero

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