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UpSkill - Housekeeping

Are you looking for work? Nervous about returning to study or getting a job?

Don’t be - we will support your learning.

Would you like to work in the hospitality industry as a room attendant or housekeeper, or would you like to formalise the skills you already have? Here is your chance to begin your journey towards employment or even a promotion in your current workplace. 

In this program, you will also learn some new skills in communication and 

We will also cover interview skills, how to present yourself with confidence and what to expect at a job interview.

FSKLRG001     Prepare to participate in a learning environmen        
SITXWHS005    Participate in safe work practices        
SITHACS009     Clean premises and equipment        
SITHACS011     Prepare rooms for guests

Plus unaccredited module        
NAC_TEAM        Communication & Teamwork    

To obtain the statements of attainment above, students must successfully complete the required assessment tasks.

Course Structure

3 days per week x 3 weeks 9:00am - 4:00pm

Students enrolling in this course are required to provide a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI). Find more info here or get one now.

58 hrs

Trainer lead face to face, classroom based

Photo ID 
Valid USI

Funded positions available for eligible students.

Upcoming Dates

9 sessions                  Dates TBC                9:00am -4:00pm                       Port Macquarie                  


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